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Работа с текстом в 6 классе
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  1. Read the text and divide it into 5 parts. Give a name to the text.




The United States is a young country. It is more than two hundred years old. Americans like new ideas. They built the first skyscrapers and put the first man on the Moon. They like to be modern: to live in modern cities, to live in new houses and have new cars. At the same time Americans love old things. They like to visit historic houses and museums, they rebuilt old places and remember the early days of their country. They are interested in old traditions but they are good in making new traditions too. The people of the United States come from different places from all over the world. In one city can find people whose parents or grandparents came from Africa, Asia, South America, and every European country. These different people brought to their new land their traditions and their lifestyles. Americans have a lot of festivals of the Old World but there are new festivals and traditions as well. For example, Thanksgiving is an American holiday. The tradition goes back to the year 1621 when they decided to have Thanksgiving dinner to all the people. They wanted to thank God for many things. It was a difficult year, but the people still have the food to eat. They also wanted to thank American Indians who helped them. Today Americans have Thanksgiving dinner on the fourth Thursday of November. They usually eat turkey and sweet potatoes. Thanksgiving is he day when families get together.


  1. Name the parts

















  1. Give the main idea of the text.


  1. Make a plan of the text
  2. Answer the questions
    1. How old is the USA?
    2. When was the first Thanksgiving dinner?
    3. From what places did people come to America?
    4. What did they bring to the new land?
    5. Who helped Europeans in difficult year in America?
    6. What do Americans eat today on Thanksgiving Day?
    1. Make a mind map of this text.
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1 natashka803-1 • 18:48, 23.05.2018
Mind map ok   У вас очень хорошо получается применять их на уроках, мне есть чему поучиться)
2 AnnMarina • 20:43, 24.05.2018
Рада, что Вы оценили. Надеюсь мой опыт поможет и Вам с учениками)))